The parents of missing toddler Deorr Kunz Jr. speak out for the first time


It's been eight months since rescue crews first began searching for missing two-year-old Deorr Kunz Junior. A lot has happened in the past eight months, his disappearance, a national headline making the Nancy Grace Show and even featured in People Magazine. Tonight for the first since his parents were named suspects, Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz are answering the questions you want to know, and telling their story.

They say the majority of the public believes they are guilty of doing something to their son. They've received threat after threat. But despite that, they felt it was time to share their story with everyone.

Chelsea Brentzel with KIFI sat down with them.

"It's hard to even leave my house, to go to get gas, or you know to go to the grocery store or something," said Mitchell.

"You get up in the morning go to bed... just no more answers," said Kunz.

Tears steam down the faces of a mother and father accused of lying about their son's disappearance Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz say July 10th is the last day they saw their son.

"It's so much easier just to blame parents," said Kunz.

Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman named the parents suspects in January. Bowerman believes the two know more about what happened to Deorr Kunz Junior.

"People have pretty much laid my son to rest already," said Mitchell.

Jessica and Vernal say not a day goes by without a threat.

"That they know we're going to go to hell for what we did to our son." said Mitchell. "How could we do that... just things like that."

"It you're so damn positive...we'd like to talk to you and so does the FBI and law enforcement if you're so positive," said Kunz.

Phillip Klein claims that you confessed that you know where baby Deorr's body is...and you won't go any further than that. Is that true?"

"Absolutely not, no," said Mitchell.

I have to ask you, did you murder your son?

"Absolutely not," said Kunz.

Was there an accident?

"No," said Kunz.

So you're saying you have nothing to do with his disappearance.

"No he was left with a trusted adult and when I got back my son was gone," said Kunz.

Does it worry you that with these things that have come out that people will stop looking for him?

"I feel like that's been the case for months," said Mitchell. "I feel like they've already made up their minds that he is deceased or whatever they think and people go 'oh okay, well whatever' and they were able to walk past him...yeah and they could've walked past him...someone could have easily walked past him in a store.

"Thanks to the politics of this you've already made up your mind, you've put it behind you... it's closed in your mind," said Kunz. "He's not home... we have no more answers than we did July 10th.

The parents say the search is not over.

"If somebody has him I want them to know that we're not going to give up and we'll find him and it doesn't matter what you do to his appearance we'll find him," said Mitchell.

"Till the day I die, till the day we die, I will find him," said Kunz. "I refuse to leave this earth without knowing where he is or what happened at least. At least knowing that he's okay."

That was Chelsea Brentzel reporting.

As of right now, no arrests or charges have been filed. The parents are begging the public to keep their eyes open because they believe Deorr is out there and hope he returns home safe.

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