THE ROC: Lewiston’s only warming center stays open during cold snap

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    Staying out in the cold during this severe weather for prolonged periods of time can be dangerous and put you at risk for hypothermia. But some folks don’t have a place to call home.

    The ROC’s warming center in north Lewiston has been open for the past few weeks, with temperatures staying below freezing, it’s where people who have nowhere to go stay warm.

    Normally, the rescue mission is only a day center but during extreme cold like this, the volunteers make time to help others.

    “So far this winter we've been open 30 evenings,” said Gordy Gregg. “We open at 8 o’clock we're able to provide something warm to eat something warm to drink and then an opportunity for them to set up a bedroll and get in out of the weather until 8 clock the next morning.”

    Last night Gregg said nine people came in but the average is about 15. The warming center will open again tonight from 8PM until 8AM. It’s located in north Lewiston on Sixth Street just off of Down River Road.

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