Theft at Salvation Army doesn’t impact fundraiser success


Organizers at the Salvation Army of Moscow held a local fundraising event despite a thief who took an item that was valued at around $300.00 to be auctioned off.

A bear rug that hung in the storefront window was stolen about a week ago, but store manager Megan Carroll said the fundraiser this past weekend was a huge success nonetheless.

The Masquerade Ball aimed to raise money for the Salvation Army to help people in need. In total, the event raised around $2,000 for the non-profit, which Megan Carrol and Katie Drymon said is a tremendous boost with the holiday season coming.

“We only do the kettles around Christmas season, and that’s been our main source of income for our social services department,” said Drymon. “So this was important because it not only brings more income in, but it spreads word around the community of what we do, and that we’re actually here.”

The Salvation Army encourages everyone to donate no matter what time of the year it is.

“People need help 365 days a year, it’s not just Christmas or Thanksgiving,” said Drymon. “People have a hard time year round.”

As for the burglary suspect, Moscow police are aware of his identity, and are still investigating.

Even though this year was a huge turnout, the Salvation Army of Moscow expects an even bigger turnout next year.

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