Thieves bring bolt cutters to steal camper from Lewiston residence

camper better.jpg

Kraig Heitmann’s camper that’s 20-foot long, 1999 Nash with a tandem axle was stolen Tuesday night. There’s an aluminum diamond plate storage box, spare tire, and military ammo box mounted on the rear. On the front window solar panel that partially covers the “Nash” logo. He also had scissor jacks on all four corners.

Kraig kept it at a private parking lot on Beachey Street near Fifth in Lewiston, but Tuesday morning, Kraig got a rude awakening.

“I noticed my RV was no longer in its parking spot went to investigate and found a bolt cutter laying on the ground and my RV gone and tracks leading away from the scene,” Heitmann said.

Kraig believes the thieves had scoped out his RV and waited until the right time to strike. He used protective devices, and had it padlocked to prevent it from getting stolen. But he didn’t anticipate the bad guys to come armed with bolt cutters.

Kraig’s RV had Washington plate 9421-Y-X. The vin number 4N11N2028X0107571.

Call Lewiston police or Kraig at 208-791-4448 if you have any information.

The bolt cutters the thieves left behind are now with Lewiston police as part of evidence.

If you see the camper or if you have any information let authorities know.

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