Think before you post vehicle accidents on Social Media; be sensitive

LEWISTON, ID - Law enforcement officers have to deal with tough situations every day, including having to notify family members that a loved one has died in an accident or from a crime.

One thing that makes their job more difficult, is when family members learn of a death first, from social media.

Earlier this month a woman saw a post of Facebook about an accident her husband was involved in on Highway-12.

She went to the scene, where Washington State Troopers were not prepared to let her know her husband had died or answer her questions. So troopers want you to think about how a family could be affected when you post words or pictures of accidents or crime scenes on social media.

"Social media is an easy outlet for people to get information to a vast number of people instantly," said Sergeant Dave DeVere. "When someone finds out about a death of a loved one in a message, where it's such a broad spectrum it's very impersonal and obviously a shock to the person when they find out."

We as a news outlet also try to be sensitive when posting images of accidents and crime scenes and it's our policy not to release any names of people who have lost their lives until law enforcement have notified next of kin.
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