Tips from Avista: Keeping your energy bill down

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Avista says one of the main things you can do to keep your energy bill down is to maintain consistency on your thermostat. Officials recommend keeping the temperature at 68 degrees.

“The furnace is running consistently 24/7 in some cases so that's obviously going to increase your energy use. So that consistency in the temperature is important here,” said Mike Tatko.

Avista’s Lewiston spokesperson Mike Tatko also said inexpensive weatherization products on the market can go a long way. There’s weather stripping tape, but also a triple seal door sweep. It goes on the inside of your exterior door and keeps out drafts.

You can also find an indoor window insulating kitis a clear sheet that goes over your window, and you seal it with double sided tape also helps. And how about an outlet sealer gasket. All you do it take off the outlet plate, put the sealer on, and screw the plate back on.

Tatko explained, “You may not think that they're making a difference but over a long run, over a long winter, you will see changes and you will feel warmer with products that aren't really that hard to install.”

Avista also has programs to help customers who quality with their bills. One is called comfort level billing.

“What that means is you can budget for your power bill,” said Tatko. “It's going to be the same regardless of how much energy you use, and at the end of the 12-month period, obviously an adjustment is made for what your actual usage is.”

If you ever find yourself in a pinch when it comes to making ends meet, Tatko said give them a call.

“We're here to help and so if you sense that you are having trouble paying, please call us,” said Tatko. “ And we can look up your bill and look up your bill history and give you the same tips that I'm giving today and then also work with you on some payment options.”

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