Tony Maiorana Resigns from Airport Authority Board


Acting Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority Board Chair Tony Maiorana has resigned from the board, effective immediately. Mairoana's resignation come just 83 days after his tenure began in late May.

A resignation letter Maiorana sent to county commissioners says he is "unable to devote the time which the board position demands and deserves."

Maiorana cited his own business and his family as reasons for his resignation. He added he is confident the current board leadership can successfully handle the tasks that confront them, and wishes them the best moving forward.

Nez Perce County commissioners are now tasked with picking Maiorana's replacement. Commissioner Doug Havens says the board would like to appoint a new member as soon as possible, but says the board will not rush to make a selection.

He says there are two options in selecting a new member. The first is to set up a period to advertise the opening, receive applications, interview applicants, then select a new member.

He says because of Maiorana's short tenure on the board, the commission could elect to choose from the original list of five applicants from back in May. On that list is businessman and airport tenant Gary Peters, businessman Dale Alldredge, businessman Rich Rogers, who filled in as a county member recently, and ex-board member Verl Long.

Havens did not give a time frame on when a fifth member could be voted to the board. Currently there are four board members. That is enough to meet quorum to hold meetings.

The airport authority board will meet tomorrow at 4 PM in the third floor conference room.

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