Try Hockey for Free, Find Passion for Life


A couple hours on the ice could lead to a lifetime passion. That's why one local group is giving kids the chance to try a new sport for free.

Saturday, November 4th, kids ages 4 to 9 have the chance to test-drive a pair of ice skates and try out the sport of hockey for free.

Try Hockey for Free Day is put on in conjunction with the U.S.A. Hockey Association. Skilled coaches teach children everything from the basics of skating to more advanced techniques.

The LC Ice Arena has been hosting the event for over ten years in hopes that it will expose kids to a sport they might otherwise not know about.

Youth Hockey President Joleen Carper says, "It is amazing when you're out in town how many people still say, 'I didn't know there was a rink in town,' or 'I didn't know that there was a hockey team here locally.' It's an opportunity for the local youth to come on out and strap on a pair of skates and some hockey gear and to give youth hockey a chance."

Carper says their program has grown significantly over the years; they now have around 80 kids involved. The youngest age group is just four years old.

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