TSA: Don't leave loaded guns in carry-on bags

    In the last 3 weeks 8 people had loaded handguns in carry-on bags at Spokane Internat'l Airport <p>{/p}

    SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - The Transportation Security Administration is reminding flyers to not leave guns in their carry-ons after seeing a sudden uptick in firearms found in luggage in eastern Washington state.

    The Spokesman-Review reported Tuesday the TSA has caught eight people with loaded handguns in carry-on bags in the past three weeks at the Spokane International Airport.

    The federal agency says one man in late February had two guns - one in each of his carry-ons.

    The airport says its police cited each traveler in the recent cases, but they were not arrested.

    Firearms in carry-on bags are punishable by fines ranging from $2,000 to $13,333 per violation. Jail time is also possible.

    The TSA recorded 18 instances of guns left in carry-ons at the Spokane airport in all of 2018.

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