Uniontown fire displaces family of eight


A family of of eight, two adults and six kids, have been displaced.

KLEW News went to the location on Moehrle road in Uniontown Monday morning.

The faint smell of fire still lingers.

Renee Vanpelt wasn't home at the time, but her husband and their kids were.

She says her husband heard what sounded like a flame thrower.

"He said well that's kind of an odd noise and he walked out and the front part was on fire, Renee said. "

Renee’s husband texted her pictures of the fire Saturday night just before 10:30pm. Renee was in Lewiston at the time and knew cell service was spotty at their rental in Uniontown so she called 911 herself.

The entire ride home she was, "praying that my kids got out...that was... knowing that your house is on fire and not knowing if your kids are out that's a terrible feeling."

But one of her children, ages four through 14, was making sure that didn't happen.

Her 13-year old daughter got the kids out safely then realized she had to go back inside.

"She actually ended up going back in and back upstairs because my seven-year-old was still in bed when she thought he had followed her out."

Neighbors also showed up and helped use a garden house to try and keep the fire at bay. They also tried to grab the most flammable things off the porch to prevent the fire from growing.

Renee says their renter's insurance enabled them to stay in a hotel for a few days, but they're also using their camper for shelter.

The top floor of the home is gone and water damage is causing the ceiling to crumble down to the main floor.

"You know I kinda have that feeling like oh I’m going home but and then you pull up and you look at the house and you're like well this is home but it's not home," Renee said.

Their dog Banana was trapped on the front porch.

According to Renee the vet bill is around $250.00.

They are currently looking for help to pay it off.

She says you can go into the office Rustebakke Veterinary Services in Clarkston and the bill is under Renee Vanpelt or Banana if you wish to make a contribution.

More funds are currently being set up.

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