Unusual theft at Pullman Walmart


Pullman Police say it's not uncommon for them to respond to a theft call every day at Walmart.

The Sunday evening incident was a little unusual.

Police tell KLEW news that three Clarkston residents Travis Murillo, Andrew Thornberry and Nathaniel Holloway came to Pullman specifically to steal electronics from Walmart.

They attempted to walk out with $900 of merchandise pushing the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Because they were prepared with a special tool to cut security wiring police are investigating their criminal history, depending on what they find... More charges could come.

"We are looking into whether or not they've been trespassed from Walmart previously down in the valley and if that's the case they could be looking at a burglary charge,” said Commander Chris Tennant with the Pullman Police.

The three individuals have been released with the possible charges of theft in the second degree as the investigation continues.

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