Urgent need at Community Action Food Bank

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As many people right now are sitting down to dinner, others in our community don’t have food on the table.

The community Action Food Bank supplies food boxes directly to local families in need, but take a look at what’s happening inside their warehouse.

“As you can see, we’re out of several different varieties of food: ramen, mac and cheese, pasta items, tomato sauce we’re out of about half of the normal products we carry which means that the sizes of the food boxes go down,” said Director Steve Small.

Food boxes should be able to feed a family for one week. But this is a sight that makes the Community Action Food Bank nervous. Many of the shelves and storage rooms are empty.

Director Steve Small said they try to function from one food drive to the next, but the next one is three weeks away.

There’s always a demand, he said. To a certain degree demand is unpredictable, and sometimes it becomes an issue like it is right now.

“Three weeks until the next food drive is not soon enough,” he said. “We have empty shelves right now and we need to get those shelves filled up because the demand continues and so anything anybody could do to help would be much appreciated.”

Even refrigerated items are few and far between. Steve said even the smallest food donation will help more than you can ever imagine.

The Community Action Food Bank is located in downtown Lewiston at 124 New 6th Street.

In addition to food donations, cash donations are also welcome because with the contacts they have with our local grocery stores, their cash can go a long way.

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