Valley residents thank vets with Greenlight A Vet program


Greenlight A Vet is a project where, participants change their porch lights to green, to show support for veterans. Here in our valley many use this project as a way to say thank you to veterans. And for those who have served, seeing those little green lights can mean a lot.

Preston Avenue is littered with an array of green lights.

And tucked back off the main roadway is a place called disciples fitness. "I'm proud to be an American, and the light just shows that we're here," said Mitch Thornton.

He has a green light on his front of the gym he owns, it's part of the project, Greenlight A Vet. And for mitch the project hits home. "Well I'm a Marine. I served during Grenada, I served during the first Gulf War," he explained.

For him, the green light on his gym, has a special significance. "You don't go into the Marine Corps without being physically fit. That's one thing I came out of the service with, a will to help others," said Mitch. It ties his service with the Marine Corps, into his new mission in life. "We started it because there are a lot of people who can't afford to go to a gym, so we opened these doors up to people who can't afford a membership somewhere. Mitch said he uses the words and teachings of god, to help others better themselves. "When you take somebody and they make some goals for themselves, and you help them achieve those small goals a little at a time to help them get to where they want to be in their physical fitness,” He explained “it's always fulfilling."

It's fulfilling for mitch because he's able to use what he learned in the military to help people improve their health.

Mitch uses his gym, as a way to support the community, and the green lights are a reminder... That the community supports him back. "It's nice when you're driving around and you see the greenlights, you know there's a brotherhood... It's a good feeling."

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