Vandals cause major damage to Field of Dreams in Clarkston


Vandals struck the Field of Dreams, ripping through the outfield and diamond, leaving tire treads, and heaps of grass littered around. "Come on, why would somebody do that?" asked Tony Olerich.

He has volunteered, taking care of the Asotin County Little League Facilities for years now. "I'm going to say right now, I don't think it's going to be ready for next season, so that's going to take a lot of games away from us." And for a field, maintained by volunteers and run on donations, the cost of the damage, is hard for many to fathom. "Right now we're looking at $10,000 just to redo the sod, and the sprinkler system they're guessing another $30,000 on that," he explained.

The idea that someone would cause this much damage to a place that brings so much joy to the community, leaves Olerich in awe. "What happened shouldn't have happened, and we would just like to have the person that did it come back and help repair it."

But now Olerich says, the only thing to do is move forward. “We [were] all upset about it, you know, but we just got to deal with it and move on.” Now he's hoping the community can come together and bring the field of dreams out of this nightmare. "If anybody can afford to help out with a little bit of cash that'd be much appreciated."

There was also another estimated $5,000 in damage done to the club house, that wasn't discovered until later in the day.

Asotin County Sheriff's Office is investigating the vandalism. If you have any information, connect them at (509) 243-4717

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