Vandals Leave Church with Thousands in Damages


Lewiston police say damages are in the thousands after someone broke into Orchards Community Church.

Sometime Wednesday night, someone pried open the back doors at the Bryden Avenue church, then went through the building, prying open more doors and drawers.

KLEW News spoke with a woman at the church who says whoever broke in walked right by equipment and valuables, but it appears nothing was taken.

Even though nothing was stolen, the church is still taking a loss.

Lewiston Police Lt. Jeff Klone says, "We estimate somewhere probably at least $1500 worth of damage just based on the damage to a couple sets of double doors, fixing drawers on desks. Getting in there and going through, they did a significant amount of damage just prying things open."

The Orchards Church break-in is similar to a string of break-ins and burglaries that occurred in North Lewiston in October. Lieutenant Klone says they can't confirm they're related, but in those cases the burglar also pried open doors.

No one has been identified or arrested in the North Lewiston burglaries. If you know anything about either case, contact Lewiston Police at (208) 746-0171.

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