Vandals Leave Lewiston Business Owner with Tough Choice


A downtown Lewiston business owner is wondering whether her livelihood, and her family, are safe. That's because vandals have been harassing her business for over two months.

Choice Auto Sales has been a fixture on Idaho Street in downtown Lewiston for ten years. But the last few months have the owner worried that may soon be coming to an end.

The business specializes in used cars, so understandably they may come with some scuffs or dents, but lately those dents have been happening on the lot.

Owner Cindi Goldade says, "Come to work and there were three or four windshields busted. About every other day or so."

Over the last couple of months someone has targeted the lot, senselessly smashing whatever they can by throwing rocks. The cars aren't the only thing taking a hit.

Owner Cindi Goldade and her stepdaughter say profits are down.

Goldade says, "It was a couple of hundred - Mr. Windshield has been doing our windows. Body damage, we've had to take the losses on the cars. Probably closer to $3,000."

She says they used to sell about 20 cars a month; lately it's been more like five. But the financial toll isn't the only one wearing on Cindi and her family.

"It's getting very frustrating that's for sure. We've been down here for about ten years so we haven't had any problems until a couple of months ago," Goldade says.

She says they've had rocks thrown with people in the lot. They do have security cameras in place, but so far haven't been able to catch anyone in the act.

"When you can't put your cars out on the front line or whatever and you come to work and you don't know what kind of damage every day, that's a lot of stress. Stress we don't need," Goldade adds.

That stress may drive Choice Auto out of the location they've known for the last decade. Goldade says, "We're actually going to relocate I believe. Due to it. It's very hard but definitely yes, due to the damage."

There have been at least three separate police reports filed, but so far no arrests.

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