Vegas families react


As days pass since the shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people, and injured over 500 others, the healing process begins. It will be a long process not only for the victims, but the for friends and families as well.

A local man, whose sister was at the shooting, is speaking out about how his family is trying to pick up the pieces. "I’ve been down there numerous times, it's almost like home away from home."

Jason Black's parents and two sisters live in Las Vegas. "I was there the week before, well the week of the actual shooting and everything," he said. His sister, it turns out, was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Sunday night, when bullets rained down on the crowd of concert goers. "She made it out luckily. They had to break down some barriers and jump over,” Jason said,” Luckily she was able to meet with a couple ex-military. They were able to break down the barricade and they were able to run.”

When Jason heard the news, he was hit with the reality of the situation. "Two days before it

I was joking with her, you know playing with her kids. You think about it now, she could be gone right now and stuff. It really hits close to home."

And now, Jason and his family want to move forward. But he admits, they are hesitant because of the fear they have experienced. "It's changed my life, it's changed my wife's life, it's going to change my kid's life. We can't plan on doing stuff that we like to do like going to ball games in Seattle, because you just never know when something's going to happen like this. And I don't want to put none of my family in jeopardy."

But he says the most important way to move forward... Is to trust your instincts. "Just know your surroundings and stuff. Just watch for those weird things, weird situations. And if you think it's not right, let someone know."

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