Pageant cusser sends local video viral

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    Just as 2 and 3-year old children took the stage at the December 8th Christmas Extravaganza, a man took over the PA system.

    "Alright, we've got a bunch of (expletives), double-parked," said an unidentified man.

    The caught-on-camera moment has now gone viral, captured by Nathan Betts who posted it on his Facebook page (warning: cussing not censored from his original video). He was getting ready to record his 3-year old daughter perform for the very first time.

    "You know how songs these days start off with the 'whomp whomp whomp whomp'," he explained. "I thought, 'ok, I haven't seen this performance before'."

    Before the cussing started, Nathan actually thought it was part of the music.

    "And then the first f-bomb dropped and I thought well this isn't quite right," he said.

    It was a man. A very angry man who couldn't get out of the parking lot because some people had boxed him in with their cars.

    For a few minutes, he continued to announce his dilemma, dropping the "f-bomb" expletive over the PA system. It echoed throughout the Nez Perce County Pavilion, in front of all the children and their families.

    Nathan and other parents reacted with shock. You can hear him behind the camera saying "Wow" more than once.

    "I truly get it," he said. "It's the holidays. He wanted to go. Who doesn't get frustrated?"

    He added that in a day and age when everybody is getting upset about everything, we should just laugh about this one.

    "I mean let’s talk about it," he explained. "Hey maybe when you go in public and there's 2 year olds 3 year olds, may be you don't f-bombs. Shame on you for swearing in front of children, but that was pretty funny."

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