Wandering Individuals Network follow the historic Lewis and Clark Trail

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A group of people from all over the country are taking to the road to relive history on just a set of wheels. They're called the Wandering Individuals Networks, and they've come to the LC Valley.

A group of 15 people are travelling from St. Louis, Missouri to Astoria, Oregon. If that route sounds familiar, it's because it's the same one Lewis and Clark took over 200 years ago. Now this group of around a dozen is travelling along their footsteps with only RVs.

They're called the Wandering Individuals Network. It's a group of retired singles that travel all around the country to experience sites and relive history. They live in their RVs, and most travel year round. Their latest stop brings them to the Valley, a place named for the people whose footsteps they're following. They say it's all to experience what that expedition did centuries ago, on an expedition of their own.

"We get to see where they went and where they stayed, and how they got there, and how difficult it was for them to make it over to the coast," says Carolyn Baird.

"To listen to the local people, to go to many of the rangers and museums and listen to them and what they've told us about it, it's more of a living history," says Barbara Soumis.

They say they travel in a group because when you're on the road for months at a time, it's always better to be with a group of friends, and it doesn't hurt to have someone to watch the LC Valley's sunsets either.

The next stop for the group is in the Tri-Cities area, followed by Portland, then Astoria.

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