Washington’s new DUI-E law goes beyond texting and driving

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It’s been almost two weeks since the state of Washington’s new driving under the influence of electronics act began. One part of this new law is still a bit fuzzy for some.

Not a lot of people are aware, that a section in the new Washington DUI-E Act targets non-electronic distractions like drinks and food and taking a bite out of a sandwich or a sip of water can be a dangerous thing behind the wheel.

Commander Josh Daniels, Clarkston Police said, "It only takes a second when your eyes are off the road to miss a child darting out in the road, or something happening in front of you, or someone suddenly braking in front of you to cause an accident, or to get somebody injured. The whole idea behind this law is to just get people focused and back on the roadway, and away from any distractions that might have in the vehicle."

This is what distracted driving looks like. These people are doing various things from putting on makeup to texting to just making a call.

Police warn that these activities may not seem dangerous, but in fact, they can be deadly.

While food and drinks may not seem dangerous either, looking down for just a second to grab a bite, can do just as much damage as a text.

Clarkston Police Commander Josh Daniels said that people are enforcing the new law right now through warnings, but it’s up to the individual officers whether they want to hand out a ticket or not. He also said you can still eat or drink while driving, as long as it doesn’t distract you from driving.

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