Ways to keep your furry friends calm during Fourth of July celebrations


Talking about fireworks danger, and your pets. It’s no secret that many animals get nervous and scared from the loud noises.

Our KLEW News Palouse Bureau Chief, Alex Crescenti has a few tips on how to help calm them down.

According to the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine more pets will go missing around the Fourth of July holiday than any other time of the year in the United States.

For our furry friends, fireworks can seem scary and cause stress to them. But Doctor Leticia Fanucchi said there are several steps you can take to put their mind at ease this holiday.

Supplements can help calm pets, however using human drugs in animals should never be done, and no single supplement will work for all pets.

Using recorded sounds can help your pet get used to the sound of fireworks. A 15 to 20-minute training session will low levels of sound can go a long way and rewarding them with a treat is a plus.

Isolating them is a simple strategy. Putting a blanket over their crate and muffling the sound in a calming place will help stress levels go down. Staying with them and distracting them can also help. Finally staying as normal as possible.

If you are nervous then your pet will be nervous as well. Keep schedules as if it were any other day and exercise them before the fireworks start.

Any pet that is taken outside needs to have a secure leash with tags and a microchip if they were to get lost.

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