Whitepine Property Management vanishes without giving deposits back to renters


A local property management company that claims to be the biggest in Moscow shuts its doors.

Tonight, more questions than answers regarding where the property owner of Whitepine Property Management is. Some tenants are so worried about not getting their deposits back, they’re filing police reports.

KLEW News Palouse Bureau Chief, Alex Crescenti set out to investigate.

The office at 120 North Line Street in Moscow appears to be empty. Blinds are shut and a fixture where a sign that used to hang, is now missing. What’s more, the sign for Whitepine Property Management is now off to the side of another building, as if it was thrown away.

We’re checking it out because some people renting from Whitepine Property Management, called KLEW News, claiming the company left without a trace. They’re worried their deposits are also gone, and they won’t get their money back.

So we checked with police and learned some renters have also filed police reports. At this time, Moscow Police Chief James Fry said it’s a civil matter but that could change.

Chief Fry said, “If there was some other facts that were found out, and I'm not even sure what those facts would be at this time, there would have to be some additional stuff where it wasn't within the contract.”

No one came to the door of the office when I knocked today…and then I called.

Hi this is Alex Crescenti from KLEW News were just trying to speak with someone from Whitepine Property Management.

Chief Fry said they have received multiple complaints so far regarding Whitepine, but he reiterates this is a civil case right now.

“If it doesn't meet the criminal element, then we do tell them they can take a civil action and go through the courts that way,” said Chief Fry.

On the company’s website they claim "We have the largest selection of single family homes for rent, houses for rent, duplexes for rent, triplexes for rent and apartments in Moscow, Idaho.

As you saw, Alex found the office empty and no one answered the phone. We also reached out to the owner of Whitepine Property Management via email and social media. As of news time, we have not heard back, but as soon as we do and figure out what happened, we’ll let you know.

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