Wildlife officials remind the public to keep your distance when seeing wildlife

bear hells gate.jpg

Recently there have been a handful of wildlife sightings in our communities, some a little too close for comfort. One of those sightings of a Black Bear in Hell’s Gate State Park right here in Lewiston.

Idaho State Parks and Recreation, Park Manager Charlie Chase, sent us this video. He said in the 34 year’s he’s worked at Hell’s Gate State Park; this is the first bear he’s seen here.

This footage is from June 9 at around 7:30 a.m. as the yearling was walking around the grounds.

Idaho Fish and Game tracked the bear for a few days before it eventually showed up. Turns out, the Black Bear was 70 pounds and old enough to have been wandering away from its mother. Wildlife officials have relocated the bear to the Craig Mountain Wildfire Management area.

In Moscow last Friday morning, a moose was seen running through city streets. This video is from a KLEW News viewer from the location of C Street and Main Street. Moose sightings in Moscow are not rare but if you come close to one, experts say keep a safe distance. If possible, place a tree or another large object between you and the moose.

Nez Perce County deputies said they’re aware of a Brown Bear hanging around Overhill Drive near Sweetwater. There’s also been a cougar near McNatty Lane north of Lapwai.

If you see an animal, don’t approach them. Keep a close eye on children and pets that are spending time outdoors. Never run past or from them because it might trigger their instinct to chase. Experts say make eye contact and stand your ground. And pick up small children without turning away or bending over, and back away slowly.

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