Winter Precipitation Allows LOID to fill Mann's Lake


Winter precipitation, including snow, may not be as enjoyable as sunshine, but it does have its benefits.

Just two months ago, things weren't looking good in terms of water levels for the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District. But with snow in February, LOID general manager Barney Metz said things are looking up. At last check, there was 37 inches of snow on the mountain, allowing them to start filling local reservoirs, including Mann's Lake.

"Initially tried filling it in the first part of February and we got into a pretty cold spell and had some freezing issues on the mountain, so we had to shut the system back down. We have it running again now and we're taking what water is available and storing it in the reservoir, " Metz says.

While the official start of irrigation season is April 10th, but Metz said with rain forecasted, he's asking LOID customers to hold off on irrigating for now to save this precious resource.

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