WSU: 'malicious attacks' to system network connectivity


Washington State University Pullman Information Technology Services officials said Thursday that the network system connectivity suffered 'malicious attacks' this week.

According to an online statement, the network service disruptions took place between 1:30 pm and 4:24 pn Tuesday Oct. 17, and from approximately 1:18 pm until 2:59 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

Tony Opheim, Sr. said this disrpution on WSU’s network and information protection systems resulted in "severe degradation of WSU’s ability to send information outbound beyond WSU’s information borders", according to the statement.

It's also not known if the attacks targeted Pullman alone, or if this is a larger scale.

ITS network engineers are currently working to determine the appropriate course of action to neutralize any future attack. More information will be provided as available via the ITS website and ITS social media.

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