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WSU Student trespasses at Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport

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PULLMAN, WA- An investigation is underway at Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport after a WSU student walked onto the active taxi runway.

Pullman Police say a private aircraft pilot noticed someone on the runway and notified Interstate Aviation.

The pilot first noticed an unidentified person wearing a "very nice suit" as Pullman Police described to us.

He was on the runway at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday night.

Airport Director Anthony Bean says they followed policy and procedure exactly.

That policy is to challenge anyone you don't know, to find out who they are and if they belong at the airport.

The pilot said the trespasser ignored them so they called police.

Commander Chris Tennant says they were unable to locate the person, but a residence east of the airport called Pullman Police about a prowler.

Airport personnel positively identified the man as the airport trespasser and this could turn into a federal offense.

"Pullman PD had forwarded the situation to the Transportation Security Administration we forwarded ti through a different piece of the Transportation Security Administration and through the FAA Federal Aviation Administration and then it goes from there what TSA decides to do with it if there is a punitive requirement under the law then TSA will do that separate on the airport," Bean said.

Police say the suspect was also drunk.

Bean suspects the trespasser hopped over the construction fence to gain access.

They are conducting an internal investigation and reviewing security footage.

Pullman police says even if TSA decides not to press federal charges they'll move forward with the trespassing on airport grounds charge.

They're considering sending the case to the Whitman County Prosecutor's Office.

Pullman Police arrested 18-year old Luke Thomas Hansen of Pullman.

They say he was attending a Greek Life formal function that night and was highly intoxicated.

He was arrested for minor exhibiting the effects of liquor in public along with second degree trespassing on airport property. At the residence where he was found and arrested he had taken the resident’s bike which led to 3rd degree theft charges.

He was also in possession of an altered or fictitious driver’s license.

Pullman Police tells us Hansen made a statement saying the only thing he remembers is leaving the event and then being arrested.

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