WSU Students Call On Congress to Pass DREAM Act


Students joined other DACA supporters across the nation yesterday, as Congress works to pass a budget to avoid a government shutdown. Over a hundred Washington State University students gathered on campus, showing their support for the DREAM Act, hoping their voices will be heard by Congress to protect undocumented immigrants already in the United States.

"Congress needs to step up their game. We need a DREAM Act, and we need it now," shouted Caryl Hernandez, a WSU sophomore.

With signs all around speakers saying undocumented immigrants are Americans, protesters say something needs to be done. It's a plea WSU sophomore Jesus Policarpo is also pushing forward.

“People have told me before, isn't there a way, isn't there something you can do? But no there isn't,” he says.

Jesus is an undocumented immigrant, and remembers crossing the Mexico border when he was young.

“DACA was just a temporary thing, and now that little thing, that little bandage to try and fix the problem is gone," he adds.

Like him, many in Pullman and across the nation worry that if Congress doesn't find a solution, the American dream will start to shatter.

“Do you really want to take away the opportunity away from thousands of people, from all these young people to go to college?"

"Now I no longer have shame, I can scream it. I am undocumented and I am unafraid."

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