WSU's Phi Delta Theta Chapter under investigation for hazing, students being drugged


We begin tonight with an investigation into a fraternity, involving hazing, and students being drugged.

KLEW News Palouse Bureau Chief, Alex Crescenti has the details.

The Phi Delta Theta Fraternity has been suspected here on the Washington State Campus by both the University Interfraternity Council and the National Headquarters of the fraternity while an investigation into hazing moves forward.

A report released by the university's IFC, brings up two allegations against Phi Delta Theta. One, the chapter accused of hosting a party and giving alcohol to minors. Investigators also say two students appeared to be showing signs of being drugged during that same party. The second allegation happened during what's called a "New Member Activity." The report says two new members were challenged to consume as much hard alcohol as possible. That resulted with one student being rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening blood alcohol content. IFC President Nathan Harris.

The IFC takes a zero tolerance policy on that kind of behavior and if it does come out to be true then we'll take it from there," said Harris.

The Student Conduct Board is investigating as well. If the Phi Delta Theta Chapter is found guilty of violating the student code of conduct, the chapter could become unrecognized by both the IFC and their national headquarters.

"The IFC takes these hazing allegations very seriously, but we do still realize that there is an investigation and these allegations may not be true," said Harris.

Harris says if the investigation finds that the allegations against the fraternity are not true they could be put back on a probationary period.

The IFC just put in a new bylaw this week which states, any chapter suspended by their national headquarters is subject to suspension from the fraternity senate.

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