Zions Bank Paint-a-Thon spruce up Pierce family home


This week is the Zions Bank Paint-a-Thon. It’s an annual tradition, employees with Zions Bank volunteer their time to help make a difference.

The bank selects a deserving family in their community that are in need of a little revamping to their home’s exterior.

This year the Pierce family was chosen, and for them, it’s about a whole lot more than just a coat of paint.

Zions Bank partners with the YWCA and United Way to find a local family.

"Through them they kind of spread the word and we get suggestions of homeowners that might need the service,” Zions Bank employee.

They pointed them in the direction of the Pierce family.

"This home is everything I've ever wanted,” said Kelly Pierce.

But a few years ago they decided to paint their home.

Chad Pierce said, "What three, four years ago, we started painting the house originally, I got sick and we pretty much just stopped painting and it just sat that way."

Chad has struggled with his health.

"Several heart surgeries and blood disorder, and he had six strokes,” said Kelly Pierce.

And on top of that, their son Ethan’s health is another big factor in their lives.

"He has a severe form of epilepsy, which causes multiple seizures every day, up to, we've documented 25 a day,” said Kelly. “That would probably be his biggest deficit, he is also on the autism spectrum as well."

Ethan’s health makes it hard to leave the house.

"Mostly this home, is where we spend all of our time, he does very little therapy outside of the home,” said Kelly.

At the Zions Bank Paint-a-Thon, all it takes is a little paint, and a little elbow grease to make difference in this family's life."

Kelly said, "It's like we just won the lottery."

And when they got the call that they were selected, it was just the good news they needed.

"Sunday was our 24th wedding anniversary and Ethan had been very sick last week and decided we weren't going to leave overnight because we didn't want to leave him and that day I got a call from Misty at Zions bank,” said Kelly.

And the employees of Zions Bank say they look forward to this event every year.

"It's always great help out the community, and help out a family that's in need,” said Zions employee.

The Pierce’s can’t thank them enough.

"The employees would give up their free time with their families, after a full day of work, and work on our home,” said Kelly. “It just means so much that people care about their neighbors."

The whole process didn’t cost a dime for the Pierce family. The employees donated their time, and Sherwin Williams donated the paint and supplies.

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