Hoverboards cause multiple fires in central Pennsylvania

Hoverboard suspected in fire that damaged 6 townhomes in Manchester. (Photo: WHP)

Hoverboards have been linked to three fires in central Pennsylvania this year.

In March two children were killed after a hoverboard sparked a fire in their townhome in Harrisburg.

After the fire the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) investigated and warned consumers to stop using LayZ Board Hoverboards.

In August a hoverboard caught fire in a Lebanon home, but the mother quickly wrapped the toy in a blanket and threw it out of the window.

On Monday a hoverboard has been blamed for a fire that damaged six townhomes, causing one to collapse.

According to firefighters, a child plugged the hoverboard into an outlet the child then heard popping followed by smoke and flames.

The CPSC says that they have received over 500 reports involving hoverbaords or self-balancing scooters which have caused fires or caught fire.

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