If Emojis aren't expressive enough now you can also send sound with them


A new feature you can download on your smartphone, Mike Sugarman talks to Bay Area girl who created her own app that adds sound effects to Emojis!

Mercer Henderson is just your typical 13-year-old girlExcept she may have changed the face of the faces of emojis.

"I'm sending you the camping one too," said Mercer.

While sending those little symbols lots of people use while she does a LOT to pals Louise and Ella...she came up with what turned out to be a pretty sound idea.

"It's an emoji with sound you can send to your family and friends," said Mercer.

An emoji with sound?

"Yes," said Mercer.

"Shut the front door!"

I know! This is one of those ideas that is so simple you wonder why no one had come up with it before.

I know!!

"My friends and I love to send emojis...and to make really weird sounds...and I thought why not put the two together."

It's now an app in the Apple app store.

But making an app was alien to her.

"Wish me luck!!"

So Mom Lisa reached out to some pals.

"I reached out to some friends, in the app engineering and audio world, and we were able to get them to bring it to life," said Lisa Henderson, mother.

It's called, with a TS at the end.

Not yet a money maker...but it's likely to become one. Though she's not piggy.

"Right now we're not making any money with it," said Mercer. "But in the future...I hope we can donate it to the SPCA, AIDS research, and breast cancer."

That's just the way she is.

I am definitely downloading that, and constantly sending them to Keith Havens who will have a full look at your weather right after this break.

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