Airport travelers: Would you have the guts to play Departure Roulette?

In a day and age where TV viewers fast forward through commercials and Internet ads tend to annoy people more than sell them something, advertisers have to get creative.

And that means the marketing stunts are getting wild.

Take Heineken's 'Departure Roulette,' for example, an advertising ploy that recently took travelers at JFK International Airport in New York by surprise.

The game?

Press the big, red button and wait for a random location in the world to appear on the board. Then head immediately to check in and fly there for free.

Would you do it? Would you drop all your plans on a whim and take off to a randomly selected destination?

Many travelers at the airport said no, but there were some folks with an adventurous spirit who played along. And they got a free trip out of the deal.

Watch their reactions:

And since we're on the topic of crazy marketing stunts - check out this one too. Imagine you're walking along a beach and come across a giant skeleton - and it's a dragon's head!

It looks real, but it's actually a sculpture courtesy of the folks at Blinkbox, which have been promoting their on-demand release of the popular Game of Thrones series.

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