Big Sky Outdoor Championships Final Day


MOSCOW, ID – The Big Sky Outdoor Championships are in the books and although the Vandals didn’t win the whole thing, some athletes still went home shining.

Idaho distance runner Andrea Condie took home a silver medal in the 5K, like her 10K on Thursday, she stayed with the top of the pack, staying in third or fourth place.

Her chances to get a top spot came to light with three laps to go, when she gained a solid third place lead.

In the last lap with 100-meters to go, she turned on the gas, finishing second behind Montana State’s Kelsi Lasota.

After the race, she spoke to us about how she pulled through.

“It was kind of like, ‘oh this is happening,’” She said. “This is what I’ve been training for, this is what I wanted to happen. So, it’s cool when you see it actually happening. Your body says no, but you just have to go for it.”

She continued to say how she’ll celebrate her silver medal, saying, “I’m very excited to go home and sleep. That’ll be my biggest thing tonight, that’s getting to bed.”

An event that the Vandals didn’t win but still made an impact: the 1500.

For the women, two Vandals, Erin Hagen and Krista Story both finished in the top five, Hagen was fourth, Story was fifth.

But they just couldn’t keep up with the event winner, Southern Utah’s Sharlie Dimick.

In the final lap, it seemed like Hagen could possibly take second or third place, but she slowed down on the final turn.

As a team, Idaho would get 9-points from the combined efforts of Hagen and Story.

The men were right before the women and Idaho’s Caleb Seely was the only Vandal in this event.

This one was dominated by the schools right next to each other: Northern Arizona and Southern Utah.

The pack was led by either NAU’s Andy Trouard or Tyler Day and on the final lap, Trouard would hit the turbo, going around the final turn of the final lap, separating from the two SUU runners and his teammate.

Idaho’s Seely would finish with the two, third, and fourth place runners.

The freshman took fifth place, earning 4-points for Team Idaho.

The final results for the Vandals:



Northern Arizona men’s and women’s teams won the 2018 Big Sky Outdoor title.

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