Who played a sport with their sibling and talked about how cool it would be to play for the same college?

I did with my younger brother. But two Idaho Vandals are being able to live out that dream.

Growing up together, Matt and Mike Linehan have some interesting stories about their playing days when they were kids.

“Both times I was open -- and you didn't look my way,” Mike said.

“I did look your way!” Matt exclaimed.

“No you didn't,” Mike said.

“Yes I did! That's such a lie! You're such a liar! I did look your way. The defense went over towards you, that's what happened. Period,” Matt laughed.

“It was from all the film they scouted from all the passes you threw to me,” Mike laughed in response.

Two years a part, they’ve been playing football together since they were kids in Florida.

"I remember he was too big to play with the kids his age, so he played on my team,” Matt said. “I would make fun of him for that, but he held his own."

"Well I realized at an early age that the quarterback route probably wasn't for me,” Mike said.

You could say, football is in their blood.

Their father, Scott, is currently the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s been on NFL sidelines for 15 years.

"It was a different kind of childhood than most," Matt said.

Where their father goes, they go. Eventually, they made Moscow their home. In 2014, Matt signed his letter of intent to Idaho, and young brother followed in 2015.

"I mean it's special getting a D1 offer football offer anyway,” Mike said. “But to have it from Idaho, where the place he went to school, that was even special, just because, when you come to a new place, it's hard, but having him here helped, a lot."

"Not many brothers get to experience something like this," Matt said.

And just like old times…

"We do live together, actually. We live in the same house," Matt explained.

Anyone familiar with Vandal football know the Linehan Legacy runs deep in Idaho.

"They've been so many family members that have come through this school, there was just a tradition here unlike anything else in our family."

Part two of this story will air this Friday. The second part will focus on how Matt and Mike are keeping the Linehan legacy strong at Idaho.

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