Leach talks first week progress…and autographs?


WSU football is heading into its second week of fall camp.

They’re still practicing in Lewiston, until the rest of this week,

After practice on Saturday, head coach Mike Leach spoke to the media about first week progress.

"Good four days. We're kind of, flashy explosive and streaky,” Leach said. “But, we got to iron that out, be more consistent, but we got pretty good energy out here.”

He also mentioned the weirdest thing he’s ever autographed….

“Strangest thing I every autographed. Okay. There's this lady, older lady. And there's just a whole group and you can tell they're all family. The kids were like, you know, in their 30s or so. There’s a guy, and there's this bra. And I mean, this bra is huge, well the kid, he hands, puts the bra up there on the table and says, 'Could you sign my mom's bra.'"

Leach went on to say, anything for the fans.

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