No. 8 Washington State stays stagnant in College Football Playoff Poll


Even though No. 8 Washington State is the Pac-12’s only hope at getting into the College Football Playoff, that’s still looking like a large task, especially with the latest CFP poll.

In the second CFP of the season, the Cougs stayed stagnant.

Wazzu is the 8th ranked team in the country.

The real eye opener from the poll: a two loss Louisiana State team is ranked higher than WSU (LSU is ranked 7th).

The odds of a two-loss team getting into the playoff isn’t likely, considering it’s never happened before.

Many believe that the reason why WSU isn’t getting more love is because of strength of schedule.

Right now, there are no current top 25 wins on their schedule.

WSU would need chaos to ensue to make the playoff.

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