The Golden Mamba: Mikayla Ferenz


MOSCOW, IDAHO -- One of the best scorers in women’s college basketball is in Moscow, Idaho and it’s Idaho junior guard Mikayla Ferenz.

Los Angeles Laker great Kobe Bryant might have been nicknamed the Black Mamba but Ferenz is a mamba in her own right.

“Gold Mamba,” Ferenz said. “That has a nice ring to it.”

Gold for Idaho gold and silver and Ferenz is having a golden season.

Shining on the basketball court is something she’s been doing all her life.

“Both my parents played. They both coached. My brother played. My sister and I played together forever,” Ferenz said. “We bonded a lot on the court.”

Basketball is woven into the Ferenz family fabric.

Her mother, Michelle, is the head women’s basketball coach at Whitman College and her father also coaches ball.

“I think for most kids it would have been pretty difficult because it’s hard taking criticism from your parents,” She said. “But they were really good at separating basketball and being parents. When we were at home, we didn’t talk basketball.”

While in Moscow, the former Walla Walla Blue Devil has accomplished a lot in her two-and-a-half years.

Playing in the NCAA tournament, already scoring more than 1,000 career points, and most recently, getting a triple-double.

The first one for Idaho since 1984.

“That’s pretty incredible,” She said. “I didn’t realize it has been so long. I mean it’s a really hard thing to do, but the 80s? That was a really long time ago.”

The feat made her earn her first mid-major college player of the week honors.

“To get recognized nationally is different and very cool,” Ferenz said.

She still has the rest of this season and next to fully cement herself into Idaho lore.

But afterwards, she’s thinking about going into the family business.

“I really want to coach,’ She says. “Like my parents. It’s just I couldn’t imagine not being involved with basketball after I’m done playing.”

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