The Wyryor Way


Adversity is often a cliché used in sports talk meaning, recovering from a loss, usually.

But then there’s the case of Wyryor Noil.

His first name might be spelled different, but it’s pronounced “Warrior.”

“I know [my name] is one of a kind,” Noil said with a smile on his face after practice.

I might saw Idaho redshirt freshman cornerback Wyryor Noil is from Portland, Oregon on his team bio, but the Bayou, New Orleans, Louisiana has his heart.

But when he was five, Hurricane Katina hit land.

“In the middle of the night, we just had to grab what we could and we just left,” he said.

He and his family, being considered the lucky ones.

"It was real chaotic and hectic because, most hurricanes you just wait it out and stay inside,” Niol said. “But my mom, something told her, we just got to get out for this one."

The evacuation wasn’t the only time the Noils would move.

Right before eighth grade, Wyryor found himself in a new environment once again.

He says the move from New Orleans to Portland, Oregon was “hard at first.”

But there was some light, he shined for Madison High School and learned valuable life skills.

“It just made me get out of my comfort zone, having to try to make relationships with people,” he said.

From living through Hurricane Katrina to moving to another part of the country, one the consistent? Family.

"Just keep your family close, because family is a big part of a transition,” he said. “Just staying true to yourself, knowing that things will get better and there's light at the end of the tunnel."

And one of those lights, a family reunion in Moscow.

Next season, Wyryor’s younger brother, Michael, will be a Vandal.

From New Orleans, to Portland, to now Moscow, like his first name his journey has been one of a kind.

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