University of Idaho Senate Resolution passes 10-5


The Associated Students of the University of Idaho senate voted on a measure to act against Athletic Director Rob Spear and the resolution passed by a 10-5 vote.

The resolution called for Spear to either voluntarily resign or amend his contract. Originally, the resolution called for Idaho President Chuck Staben to fire Spear.

In Wednesday’s open forum section, the Spear was the first person who spoke regarding the future of his job.

The summary of what he said, essentially that he was following the guidelines put in place at the time.

One of the student senators asked Spear if he could define rape culture, to which Spear replied I can’t because “it doesn’t exist in our department.”

Idaho senior women’s basketball player Gerry McCorkell was in full support of Spear keeping his job.

It seemed like people who are close with the Athletic Department wanted Spear to stay, whereas the general student body wanted to see a change, something that was referred to as a “cultural change.”

Now the vote on Thursday wasn’t the final word, it’s what the ASUI student senate wants to see.

With the resolution passing, calling for his resignation, only time will tell.

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