2018 Golden Throne Preview: Lewiston Boys


The Bengal boys aren’t exactly having a stellar season so far.

They are 7-9 on the season but 0-3 in 5A Inland Empire League play.

Fortunately, there’s still time for Lewiston.

After Friday, they’ll play Lake City, Post Falls and Coeur D’Alene to close the season.

“If we go out and play our best game, I think it’ll roll over to the rest of our league games,” Lewiston senior guard Connor Grainger said. “We’re the type of team that once we get hot, we tend to ride it out for quite a while.”

To no surprise by now, the GT game is one the players think about a lot.

“It’s just the biggest game of my life,” Grainger said. “I’ll probably do a lot of puking beforehand.”

For one Bengal, he’s able to remain calm through the whole ordeal.

“I’ve never felt nervous about anything,” Senior forward Cody McKenzie said. “So, it hasn’t been any different.”

But the big game can come with some disappointments.

“This would be my fourth one,” Senior forward Braeden Wilson said. “But unfortunately, I tore my ACL.” Luckily, this wouldn’t be his first and only one.

Lewiston played Clarkston in the Avista Holiday Tournament, with the Bengals winning big.

And regarding this match-up…

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” McKenzie said. “It’s going to be a fun experience for everyone.”

“Honestly, it’s about thinking about the game, just gets you pumped,” Wilson said. “The game comes around; the crowd just electrifies you when you get on the court. So, you feel like you’re unstoppable.”

“To go out there and beat them would be huge for us,” Grainger said. “Just because the rivalry is crazy and beating Clarkston always feels pretty good.”

Like the girl’s game, Lewiston has a lot of experience across the board, whereas Clarkston is young in a lot of areas.

Clarkton and Lewiston boys will be the nightcap.

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