Asotin High School Football Preview

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The Asotin Panthers are coming off a playoff season. They’re returning a lot of speedy players, but they’ve lost possibly their best piece to their puzzle. But they’ve changed around a lot of things on both sides of the ball to combat that. Here’s Asotin football’s 2018 season preview.

"Last year we were really smash-mouth football, just our guys against yours, but now we're looking to spread it out this year and looking to throw the ball."

A lot has changed for the Asotin Panthers since this time last year. The most important star running back, Colton Ball.

"It is a tough loss. But all good teams don't rely completely on one player. And I feel like we have enough players here, and the good talent, and we have a lot of heart in this team, that we can be able to move on without him."

One way to move past the loss of ball and the huge guys up front is through more of a spread offensive attack.

“We don't have that power aspect anymore, so we're going to utilize our speed and our athleticism a little more."

That means a lot more passing.

"It's every quarterback's dream, wanting to throw the ball every play."

"That'll open up our lanes for our running backs. It's going to be a tough offense to stop in my opinion."

Not much is changing in the playbook itself... it’s just what plays head coach Jim Holman is going to be calling.

"It almost seems a little unfair, we have so many fast and athletic kids on the field that they're going to be on the field at the same time it almost seems unfair a little bit."

There’s also changes on the defense. Asotin has gone from a 4-3 to a rarely seen 3-5 look.

"It's going to be a little bit more aggressive. We're going to get after the quarterback a little more. A little more intense, and I think our players are going to embrace that."

"We're going to be quick, in you guys' face, and it's going to be very good,"

Richardson says everyone has gotten bigger in the weight room during the summer.

"If one guy does another rep, we all get in there and do another rep. It's really just growing as a team."

And even though there’s been a ton of changes, the Panthers aren’t shying away from anything.

"Everything's new and everything's changing, so we're all learning as a unit, we're all learning as one and everything's coming together."

"We've had a really successful run here. I think we're capable of doing a similar run if not better. It's just a matter of one game at a time and improving a little bit each day."

Asotin kicks off the season two weeks from Friday against Orofino.

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