Asotin Panthers Golden, snapping losing streak in dominating win


The Asotin Panthers took on the Springdale Chargers on Saturday, and this one was all Asotin all night.

Early in the first, Josh Wilkinson hits Tanner Berzett on the post. Panthers up 7-0.

The Chargers would fumble on the ensuing drive, and the Panthers would recover.

Two plays were all that was needed for the Panthers to score again.

Asotin running back Colton Ball broke a long touchdown run. A blocked extra point makes it 13-0.

In the waning seconds of the first half, Wilkinson hit Thomas Martin for a deep throw, putting the Panthers in scoring range. Colton Ball would punch it in later.

Panthers flat out dominate this ball game.

Asotin wins 51-8.

Now the theme of that game was Going Gold.

Gold, being the color of childhood cancer.

And two Asotin students, Jackson Anderson and Bryson Stein were honored in their fight against the disease.

We spoke to Jackson Anderson about how he felt to see the support.

“"It makes me feel super happy because I know there are so many people supporting us that are having difficulties right now."

Jackson went on to say his recovery is going well and he’s having to get less and less MRIs.

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