Battle of the Bridges, Clarkston vs Lewiston


On Thursday, we spoke to playerson both sides about this upcoming game."I'mexcited! I think we've game planned really well this week, and I think we'reready,” Clarkston senior wide receiver Kaden Buckner said before practice. “Ilove the atmosphere of the game. Every year there's a bunch of people, and it'salways crazy. It's fun to be a part of.""It'spretty exciting because it’s our first home game this year too and it's againstClarkston so that's a lot,” Lewiston junior defensive back Connor Spencer saidafter practice. “I really think our seniors last year really helped us preparefor this moment so I'm really ready for this."Lewiston is returning two varsity starters from last season. Alongwith the fresh faces on the team, they'll have a first-year head coach as well.Lewiston head coach MattPancheri has his expectations for his first Battle of the Bridges."Iknow from what I hear,” Pancheri said. “From the athletic director, from theprinciple, from the students, from the team, they say it's a big deal. Big dealin the area. I expect there to be a packed crowd, I hear its standing roomonly. So, it'll be loud. That's a pretty fun atmosphere to play in. So, I expectfor that to be a pretty fun game.”As for the Bantams, it's been a while since they last beat theBengals. The seniors on the team? Theywere freshman. Head coach Brycen Bye? He was inhis first year as the head coach. However, they are ready to havethat streak end. “Forthose guys, I just know that when you talk to Clarkston graduates, they willtell you, 'I beat, I was the team that beat Lewiston. I was a junior when I wason a team that beat Lewiston.' And those guys take a lot of pride in that,” Byesaid. “And I think being able to have those guys, to be able to take that prideis just a really cool then to take when they come back."As forif the class of 2018 can join that class, senior offensive/defensive linemanBrendan Reed keeps it very simple. "It'sdefinitely a big honor to be up there with them."Coming into the game this time last year, Lewiston was 3-0, cominghome a dominating home win against Hermiston. This year, the Bengals are 1-2,after getting shut out by Hermiston 26-0 on Friday. Also last season, the Bantamswere 2-0. Coming into this game on Friday it’s the same as last year. 2014 was the last time theBantams beat the Bengals.Could Clarkston snap that losingstreak? Or will the Bengals get back to.500 on Friday? I can't tell the future, but I am excited to see this game live. Just another reason to loveFridays and high school football!

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