Clarkston girls’ soccer ends regular season on top


The Clarkston Bantam’s girls’ team played its last regular season game against the Pullman Greyhounds on Thursday.

Clarkston came into this match-up as the number two team in the Great Northern League.

Pullman on the other hand, last. Only winning once in league play.

The Bantams would continue to assert their dominance.

In first half, Clarkston already had a goal on the board and they'll just add to that lead.

About five minutes left, Taylen Wohl scored a header goal!

Bantams up 2-0.

Fast-forward to the waning minutes of the second half, Pullman tries to get something on the board, but Hannah Covey isn't letting anything past her.

Bantams beat the Greyhounds 2-0.

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