Clarkston High School Football Preview

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The red tie is on and that means we’re talking Clarkston Bantams. When Clarkston Football won a game last year, they won by an average of over two touchdowns. But when the lost, it was by almost three scores a game. They went 6-4 on the year, but won only one of four league games. Now much has changed on the roster so how’s that gonna translate to the scoreboard? Here’s Clarkston Football’s season preview.

"We're really excited about it,” said Coach Brycen Bye. “We started a bunch of young guys last year on varsity. Those guys have matured."

Last season, Clarkston football fielded a bunch of young talent, a ton of which were sophomores. Now…those guys are all juniors.

"Kaden Frazier played quarterback last year,” coach Bye said. “He's back. Most of our skill guys are back as far as our receivers go."

But the Bantams have seen a few changes in the trenches.

"We had a lot more experienced linemen last year,” said Jaxson Allen. “We lost a lot. I think it was like five seniors, five senior linemen."

Coach Brycen Bye has moved some guys around to fill the gaps. He says the line is a good mix of younger and older players. And despite losing five seniors, he says he isn’t worried.

Bye said, "That might be a question mark, but at the same time, it's not a question mark for me. I feel really good about it. So, we feel good about our line."

For the rest of the offense, you already know quarterback Kaden Frazier is back, and he’s only a junior.

The team is also loaded at receiver and has four varsity running backs. Their goal is to play fast.

“We had plays on the wrist last year, but we didn't really use them as much,” Theodore Baiye said. “But I think this year we're going to use the wristbands much more than what we did last year."

That basically means when the play call comes in from the sideline, the offense just needs to look at their wrist and they’re set.

As for the defense... they’re expecting to get after it all over the field.

"I'm just looking for a lot of good teamwork,” said Allen. “Everyone playing hard, playing some smash-mouth football."

Both players and coaches say the biggest change from last year is with leadership.

"Everyone's clicking. No one's arguing, fighting. Really good chemistry."

It’s from all the work the Bantams have put in on their own time during the summer.

"All summer we've been out here together, throwing doing some plays and stuff,” Baiye said.

Bye said he’s looking forward to trying to snap their losing streak to Lewiston in around a month. But he thinks for the entire season, the sky’s the limit.

"I think there's a lot of belief on this team, and I think the coaches really believe in these guys,” said Coach. “You never know what's going to happen, but the first step for us is believing that we could do it. And I think that we're there."

Clarkston starts the season on August 31st at home against Moscow.

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