Genesee VS. Lapwai Volleyball Highlights


On Monday, we had volleyball action from the Genesee Bulldogs and the Lapwai Wildcats.

Lapwai hosted the undefeated, in conference play, Genesee Bulldogs.

For the first three sets, the Wildcats started out with the lead, but that could quickly fizzle.

Bulldogs win the first set.

Second set, Wildcats made this one a bit more competitive, but

Genesee up 2-0 now.

The third set was a different story.

Lapwai found some life and weren't going out without a fight.

The Wildcats would lead as much as seven in the third set, but Genesee wasn't going to go down that easy.

They battled back, nevertheless Lapwai won the third set.

Lapwai appeared to be back in it.

In the fourth set, the Bulldogs were ready to go home. So, they ended it quickly.

Genesee won the fourth set 25-12.

Bulldogs win 3-1 and remains undefeated in White Pine play.

Whereas Lapwai goes 1-5 in league.

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