High School Football from Saturday: Who’s Advancing?


In high school football, the only teams still alive from the area are in the 1A: Genesee, Prairie, and Deary.

Prairie will take on Oakley this Friday, and Deary, and Genesee will play on Saturday.

If those teams win this weekend... They'll be in the state championship.

The Bulldogs handled business on Saturday.

The game got ugly quick.

Genesee took an early lead, set up by a long catch and run from Edward Becker. with the 2-point conversion, Genesee lead 8-0 in the first.

Genesee scored another t-d and lead 14-0 and it looked like the game would be over early but Valley got a huge immaculate reception-like play, setting up a Viks score. But the Bulldogs still lead 14-6.

Vikings had some momentum but Moser wanted it all back.

He broke off a 61-yard touchdown run.

Bulldogs completely ran away with this one.

Genesee won 86-46

They'll return to the Kibbie Dome on Saturday to take on Challis.

The Delco Hornets eliminated Grangeville on Saturday.

This game was a slugfest in the first half, Grangeville scored first but the next drive, the Hornets would respond.

Keegan Duncan with the short TD run, with the two-point conversion, the game was tied at 8.

Fast-forward to the early part in the second, Tescher Harris hit Booker Bush to step up another Bulldog score. Grangeville would score on the drive, now leading 14-8.

hornets playing smash mouth football to set up this play.

The Hornets would score again, leading 16-14 going into the half.

In the second half, the Hornets stung.

Not only can Duncan run, but he can throw.

He threw a gorgeous TD pass to Hunter Oppe.

The score was the second of two answered for the Hornets.

Bulldogs couldn't keep in the second half.

Delco will advance in the play-off, beating Grangeville 48-28.

Hornets will play the Westside pirates next week.

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