Les Schwab Tire Smash Bash Demolition Derby Action

18 car flames.jpg

How about some demo derby! Let’s start out with the full-size trucks. The 152 truck almost putting a few others on the side. That one has got to hurt! The 889 truck’s also making some noise. That hit’s gonna force the red truck to pull his flag and 889 just isn’t going to let up. More contact with all the trucks. No more flags, and Levi “never back down” Widmier finishes first in full-size trucks.

Now on to the finale, full-size cars and a fiery finale it was! The 18 car starting off with a T-bone, followed up by another nice hit. Now watch this. There goes that 18 car up in flames. Luckily no one’s hurt. In the end, the 12 car, driven by J.J. Moore takes home the trophy.

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