Football and dogs: can it get any better than that?

Grangeville might be nicknamed the “Bulldogs” but one black lab-border collie mix is a crowd favorite.

Why have a ball boy get the kicking tees, when you could have a dog do it!

Lewis been retrieving the kicking tees for the Grangeville football team for three seasons.

His owner Joe Rodriguez got the idea from watching a football game.

"I was at a Boise State game and I saw they had a black lab that would run out and grab the tee,” Rodriguez said. “So, I came back and when it was football season, I talked to coach Lindsey, and I asked if Lewis could do it for the team and he said, 'Sure.'"

And the rest is history.

Training the 10-year-old border-collie/black lab mix wasn't too ruff (pun intended).

It took Rodriguez about “five minutes” to train Lewis.

However, Lewis had to get adjusted to learning the game of football.

"He was used to me, going out and setting the tee when I trained him. So, at the first game, he didn't know where the tee was. because I didn't go out and set it for him,” Rodriguez said. “So, I kind of pointed him in that direction and sent him out and he kind of ran, zig-zagged awhile until he found it. Once he discovered where it was and what his job was, then after that he was great. he never missed a tee."

It's clear, Lewis is one smart and helpful dog

"Lewis has been retrieving stuff for me his whole life, working out in the yard, if I need the hose, or rake or gloves, he'll just go and get it for me," Rodriguez said.

I asked Rodriguez if the Grangeville Bulldogs would change the mascot to something closer to match Lewis, he said nope. He's just one of the dogs.

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