Overall meaning of the Golden Throne


With the week of build-up surrounding the 2018 Golden Throne, it has all come down to two basketball games: the Clarkston and Lewiston boys and girl’s double-header.

But, what about the meaning of the award?

Every year, Clarkston and Lewiston boys and girl’s basketball teams take the court for the golden toilet.

That’s the thing… why a toilet?

“Well, that’s always the big question,” Clarkston Athletic Director Shannon Wilson said. “They said, what else are you going to play for? They have the Fish Game at Couer D’Alene, they’ll have the rubber chicken. So, they wanted to have something that would be representative of something neutral. And so, they said: Toliet. There’s water on both sides, so it seemed appropriate.”

Aside from winning the gold toilet, there’s more to this week than just a basketball game.

The two schools work with each other to decide where the money raised from the event will go.

From then, they compete to see who will raise the most funds.

“It’s great to win the throne,” Lewiston Athletic Director Corey Williams said. “It’s exciting for our kids, it’s exciting for our school community, kids put a lot of work into it.”

The events of Golden Throne week are 100 percent student-run.

“Our students and our community gets to see the fruits of their labor for the whole week,” Williams said.

The Golden Throne sense of community doesn’t graduate when you do.

Just ask Trevon Allen.

“The Golden Throne game is huge,” Allen said.

He currently plays for the Idaho Vandals men’s basketball team.

During his time in Bantam black and red, he’s won two state titles.

“Playing in the Golden Throne game is similar to a state game,” Allen said. “With the number of people there, the number of fans and support.”

Trevon’s younger brother, Tru will play in his second throne game.

“I’m going to tell him: stay calm, and let the game come to you,” Allen said. “Do what you know how to do.”

When the sophomore guard reflects on this event?

“I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible,” Allen said. “In high school, you’ll never be able to play in front of that many people ever again. And So that was really my main thing. Just enjoy it to the fullest.”

Golden Throne, so much more than just a basketball double-header.

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